How Do We Craft the Perfect Hologram Overlays?

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Ah, the intrigue of holograms! There’s a magic to them, right? I’ve always been fascinated, and as the CEO of GENUINE, a premier security product manufacturing enterprise, I’ve been lucky enough to not just admire, but actually create them. So, why am I discussing hologram overlays today? Because it’s not just an integral part of our business, but also a cutting-edge tech that has the world captivated. Fun fact: did you know that the global holography market is predicted to soar exponentially in the coming years? Makes you want to learn more, doesn’t it?

Hologram overlays are thin layers embedded with holographic images which are typically applied to IDs or documents for added security. They are known for their distinct shimmering appearance and provide a visible security feature that is difficult to replicate.

Holographic stickers color variations

By now, you might be thinking, “Cool, but how exactly do we print them?” Hang tight, and let’s embark on this shimmering journey!

What is the essence of Hologram Overlays?

At the heart of it all is the holographic master, which is kind of like the ‘mold’ for your hologram. This master is created in a controlled environment, ensuring pristine quality. Once we have the master, the manufacturing process is a dance between technology and meticulous attention to detail.

So, How Do We Get Hologram Overlays?

It starts with our dedicated team working their magic. The holographic master is replicated onto a metal shim using a specialized process. The shim is then mounted onto a printing cylinder. When the security paper, or label, or film passes through this cylinder, voila! The hologram image is embossed onto them.

Close-up of the device

Each Hologram Overlays is unique?

Customization is key. Like a bespoke suit or a gourmet dish tailored to your taste buds, each hologram is crafted based on specific client needs. Remember our quintessential client, Kevin? Just like him, every client has unique requirements that we cater to. From the design to the shimmer, each hologram tells its own story.

What Role Does Technology Play?

A massive one! Just like every other industry, technology in the world of holography is ever-evolving. We employ state-of-the-art machines that are not only precise but also efficient. And trust me, in our line of work, precision is everything. A minor error can cost a fortune. Remember, we’re trusted by governments and educational institutions. One can’t simply afford mistakes!

Hologram Overlays

How long does it take to make Hologram Overlays?

Ah, the age-old question of time. The answer? It varies. The complexity of the design, the quantity, and the material all play a part in determining the timeline. But here’s a promise from GENUINE: We may take our time, but we never compromise on quality.

How sustainable are Hologram Overlays?

Sustainability is a topic close to my heart. At GENUINE, we’re constantly striving to make our processes greener. We recycle where we can, reduce wastage, and always prioritize eco-friendly materials and methods. After all, what’s the point of crafting a better future if we don’t have a planet to enjoy it on?

Latest Environmental Technology


Printing hologram overlays isn’t just a process; it’s an art interwoven with science. As we continue to push the boundaries in holography, we invite you to be a part of this shimmering journey. A journey where security meets innovation, and where each shimmer tells a story. Got any more queries or thoughts on holograms? Shoot, and let’s have a radiant conversation!

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