25 Cotton 75 Linen Paper: Combining Durability with Elegance

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When I first started GENUINE, my goal was to provide the best quality security products to the world. In our journey, we’ve delved deep into the world of security paper, discovering combinations that offer unparalleled quality. What better way to demonstrate our commitment than to share our insights into one of the premium choices in security paper – the 25% Cotton and 75% Linen blend? This isn’t just a paper; it’s an emblem of durability meeting elegance. But why is it considered so special?

25% Cotton 75% Linen paper offers a unique combination of both strength and sophistication. The cotton fibers provide the paper with strength, making it resistant to wear and tear, while the linen lends a touch of elegance and a pleasant texture. Perfect for important documents that need to last, such as banknotes, certificates, or diplomas.

At GENUINE, we’re all about the finer details. This blend isn’t just about durability and aesthetics; it’s about the feel. Imagine the tactile satisfaction when you hold a document that whispers both strength and refinement. That’s what this blend promises!


Remember Kevin from Saudi Arabia, whom I mentioned earlier? He’s among the many who value this blend. And it’s not just about the product; it’s the reliability, the commitment to excellence, the stringent checks, and that undying passion for quality.

But, how did we, at GENUINE, land on this blend? Let’s deep dive into the world of paper manufacturing!

25 Cotton 75 Linen PaperWhy use cotton?

When we talk about cotton, we’re discussing durability. Cotton fibers are naturally long-lasting, making them an ideal choice for documents meant to withstand time and handling. Not to mention, cotton paper boasts water-resistance. It’s why currencies across the world favor cotton!

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What role does hemp play in 25 Cotton 75 Linen Paper?

Linen, on the other hand, has a history of elegance. Think about linen clothes – they’re breathable, soft, and yet strong. In paper, these fibers create a distinct texture, making it not only a treat to the eyes but also to the touch. The crisscross pattern is often associated with quality and luxury.

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25 Cotton 75 Linen Paper why not use 100% cotton or linen?

While both cotton and linen are great, the combination of 25% Cotton and 75% Linen strikes a perfect balance. It’s like pairing a good wine with the right cheese! Too much of one can overshadow the other’s benefits. This blend ensures longevity without compromising the sophisticated feel.

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How Do We Assure Quality at GENUINE?

We take pride in our manufacturing process. From sourcing the finest cotton and linen to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we keep a keen eye on quality. Moreover, our team of 200 professionals ensures that every sheet that rolls out meets our gold standards.

What Makes 25 Cotton 75 Linen Paper Stand Out?

This blend isn’t just paper. It’s a testament to durability, elegance, and luxury. Whether it’s for a prestigious diploma from an esteemed educational institution or a banknote that circulates across nations, this blend offers unmatched quality. And, in the B2B world, where the slightest edge matters, this choice can be the difference between good and great!



In the intricate world of security paper, details matter. The 25% Cotton 75% Linen blend is a culmination of years of research, passion, and a desire to provide the best. At GENUINE, we don’t just manufacture; we craft with care. After all, isn’t that what distinguishes the genuine from the ordinary?

That’s our story. So, next time you come across this blend, you’ll know the passion, dedication, and innovation that goes into it. Curious about our other products? Always open for a chat!

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